„First and foremost, we are human beings:
loyal, personally committed and dedicated to our clientele. This is where we see our own strength. Our aim is not simply to look after our client’s assets but to look after our clients themselves“

Werner Huber, Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Wealth means not only money: We care for much more.

Huber & Partner are independent Swiss wealth managers. With one single obligation: our clients.

Unlike a bank, we are completely free in selecting investment opportunities and instruments. Independent and without any conflict of interest. Thus, we always opt for the most interesting solution: the most favorable for you.

This sort of independence also gives us the freedom to take all the time needed to serve and assist you thoroughly. Apart from managing your bankable assets, we provide advisory services and consult you in all other related issues and questions. Always taking into account your personal wishes and individual objectives, we offer you the right solution: reliable - sustainable – consistent.

Needless to mention; expertise, integrity and mutual confidence as well as total dedication are indispensable. In the many years, we have been doing business, we have also learnt that a truly successful relationship between a client and its consultant depends on the kind of quality that evolves from openness, honesty and continuity. In short: mutual trust and a chemistry that feels good for both parties.

Our focus is on needs. Your needs. From systematic analysis of your and your family’s current and future environment, needs and legal situation all of which are essential to the individual solution, its implementation and regular review and control.

A partnership of this kind is reassuring not only our exclusive group of clients. But also us.

Trust in a honest partnership: You and us.
  • We listen to our clients carefully: And take all the necessary time.
  • We offer our clients solutions: Customized with focus on their needs.
  • We have only one obligation: Our clients and their interests.
  • We are constantly aiming for more: It’s the least we can do for our clients.
  • We inform our clients honestly, regularly and thoroughly: Without unrealistic performance promises.
  • We live the essentials in our business: Time, trust and loyalty.
  • We are dedicated to our client’s needs: And act ethnically and morally correct.
  • We respect and obey the laws and regulations governing the Swiss financial market as well as professional standards and rules: Rigorously without any exception.
  • We act together as a team supporting and assisting each other with mutual respect and dignity.
  • We are proud of our reputation. And will not rest on our laurels.
You may count on us: Our “Credo”.

Our Team

Caroline Dangel
Head Administration & Secretariat

+41 44 420 16 22

Stefan Helbling

+41 44 420 16 23

Werner Huber
CEO and Managing Director

+41 44 420 16 16

Daniel Just
Wealth Manager

+41 44 420 17 75

Roger Keller
Head Portfolio Management

+41 44 420 16 19

Brigitta Leiser
Wealth Manager

+41 44 840 1414

Werner Wassmer
Wealth Manager

+41 44 420 1616

Doris Brugger
Administration & Secretariat


+41 44 420 16 18

Andreas Claudius Dutly
Wealth Manager


+41 44 420 16 24

We emphasize personal relationships: The team.
1996 Huber & Partner Wealth Management AG founded and registered in the Kanton of Zurich
1998 Member of Swiss Association of Asset Managers (VSV-ASG)
2000 Member of Swiss Society of Financial Analysts and Portfolio Managers (SFAA)
2006 Office opened in Watt/Regensdorf


Your wealth managers: Huber & Partner – Swiss made.

Our style is your style. The investment process is determined exclusively by your needs and objectives. You define the goals, risk aversion and your investment horizon. We show you the way. Clearly, openly and honestly. Without promising unrealistic performance and benefits.

Personal objectives and priorities change over time as individuals go through different stages of life. Often these changes influence the personal financial situation. In personal conversations with you on your objectives, “haves & needs”, taking into account your consolidated wealth, your family’s environment and your legal and fiscal situation, we advise and assist you in achieving your set goals. Always taking the same approach: a different one for every single need.

At Huber & Partner your personal advisor and wealth manager looks after the entire investment jprocess, acting as coach of his client. As a result, you have the assurance that your objectives are taken into account at every single step. Now and in the future.

Reviewing You and We Designing
We invariably take the same approach: A different one fir every single need.

Your objectives
Based on your individual risk profile and your personality, your wealth manager and personal advisor defines together with you the strategical asset allocation (SSA). We focus on your needs and do neither offer any strategies from the shelf nor standard products.

Example: Investment objective

  • generating ongoing interest and dividend income as well as capital profits and the re-investment
  • mid- to long-term investment horizon; i.e. five years plus as a general rule
  • low to non liquidity needs
  • taking into account fluctuations of the overall portfolio’s market value due to and in conformity with market and price volatility of bonds foreign currencies, equities and other investments
  • average risk aversion

Our Strategy
Risk profile and investment objectives define the market neutral, strategic asset allocation and the long-term performance. We explain what is possible and can be achieved: clearly and honestly. And without unrealistic performance promises.

Example: Strategic Asset Allocation

  • Liquidity / money market / fiduciary deposits
up to 100%
  • Bonds / similar instruments; e.g. convertible bonds
up to 100%
  • Equities / similar instruments; e.g. ETF, tracker cert
up to 65%
  • Alternative investments / Structured products on indices, real estate, commodities etc.
up to 15%
  • Precious metals
up to 10%
  • Quota of investments in reference currency
at least 50%
We invariably take the same approach: A different one fir every single need.

The expected total return of a portfolio is a result / function of risk and return. The higher the expected return (vertical axis) the higher the risk (horizontal axis). The strategic asset allocation, the diversification by investment instruments and the structure of your portfolio are, thus, accountable for the long-term return and success. And your satisfaction.

Return and risk: Feel good.

Huber & Partner offer you a great deal more than simple asset management. Our services cover every single aspect of your financial needs. With an added value.

In order to ensure the future of your family and business interests, preserve your assets and avoid the possibility of long and tedious wrangling over your estate, we assist you in wording and drawing up your last will and act as executors of your estate. We also provide tax consultancy. If you file your tax declaration in Switzerland, we draw up the tax return for the corresponding authorities at your domicile. We establish tax-conform Trusts, Foundations and Companies and represent you and your interests on the Board of Directors.

Whenever it makes sense we cooperate with specialists, e.g. reputable tax and legal consultants and lawyers. We maintain long lasting relationships to the leading bank in Switzerland offering their global banking network and custodian services.

And as an active Memer of the Swiss Associaiton of Asset Managers (VSV/SAAM) as well as the Swiss Society of Financial Analysts and Portfolio Managers (SSPP), we are committed to ensuring services of the highest possible quality and maintaining rigorous moral and ethical standards.

Ultimately, however, the motivation to accept new challenges and to provide outstanding services comes from our most important partner: Our distinguished clientele. That’s you.

We are constantly aiming for more: It's the least we can do for you.

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